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Live at Slottsfjell, Norway

TURBOT SAFARI - Manna fra himmelen eller flyndre på tur i en grenseløs verden?

Turbot Safari is a band consisting of 3 musicians and performers from Norway and Sweden.

The style they aspire to make known to the world is a combination of different styles, taken to a level rarely seen before. "Limit exceeding anti-indicating" music with performance, storytelling and vivid wild stage show are among the expressions that have been used to describe the young band, which grew out of an International art-collaboration project conducted at the Burning Man festival in the dessert of Nevada, September 2009.
And the band brings forth a message to the world: The limitexceeding aspects do not limit themselves to breaking artistic borders and mixing genres. The deep underlying meaning of this concerns the state of the world, being divided by borders and into groups, frequently indifferent or hostile to others. In relation to this it feels important to work across these borders, help to change unknowing to knowing, pinpoint discriminating norms and stimulate collaboration between people of different background and culture. Turbot Safari does this. Their lyrics depict these states and solutions, and the mere fact that the lyrics are written, sung, spoken and rapped in 7 different languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Chinese, English, French, German and Spanish) clearly emphasises the borderbreaking perspectives!

Despite its young age the band has already had several performances at venues in the Oslo area in addition to the mentioned festival in the desert of Nevada. At the end of November 2009 they warmed up for the well known "Bare Egil Band", at Musikkflekken in Sandvika, Norway (this venue has existed since the 70s and is famous for having brought a number of international stars to play on their stage). After Turbot Safari's performance at this stage some people from the audience spoke to the press describing the band as "the best live-band in the world". Turbot's everchanging live show, with a variety of costumes, dramaturgical climaxes, humor and philosophy, all mixed in with the rhythm-changing rockish/jazzy/experimentalic music, put together with a feeling of connectivity running through the show was the reason for the enthusiasm expressed by those spectators.

After a short winter break the Turbots are now well into 2010, their best year so far, where they were invited to play at the “Slottsfjell Festival” of Tønsberg, Norway, in July, the “Säljeryd Festival” at Växjö, Sweden, in August and the “KulQuiNox – Kulturjevndøgn” Festival in Sandvika, Norway, in September. All carried out with success. By the end of September 2010 they are preparing for a series of events towards the end of the year, more specifically a 3 week tour of China in November, where they will play in more than 10 cities from the southwest to the northeast of the country.
Turbot Safari released their first and only cd single on an independent label at the concert with Bare Egil Band in November 2009, “Turbot Safari – Autumn of 9”. By September 2010 they have more than enough material for a full cd/vinyl, and after the above mentioned China tour they will go directly in studio in Beijing to record and rough mix sufficient tracks for that. The fine mix and mastering is planned to be undertaken in Norway in December.

The band is:

"Beard" Øyvind "Wind" Aamot:
Born in Norway this long-haired and long bearded singer, saxophonist, odd-instrumentalist and occasional guitarist is most famous for his appearance in the documentary "Hunting down memory" (Jakten på hukommelsen) which screened on cinemas in Norway early 2009, and since then has gone around the world to a number of international festivals.
Wind has background from theatre and performance, has played in various bands since the beginning of the 90s and is presently also engaged in the jazz quartet "Jazzhöl (silent "h")" He spent most of the first decade of the 3rd millenium in China, working as an entertainer and musician, enticing audiences with music, performance and poetry in Norwegian, English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese, all languages he speaks to a level of fluency.

"Ed" Edvin "Viking" Syren:
Despite the fact that Edvin rather hates his bass than treating it tenderly, he plays it like a mistress. Edvin is originally from Växjö, Sweden but spent most of his days in Malmö where he has played in many different groups until he decided to take it to Norway.
Edvin has a background as a professional musician but decided to take things to another level, where sanity stops and Turbot begins.
The bass for Edvin is as natural as nature's good and evil, something that is very much reflected in his musical ambitions and style. If his instrument will be performing a tranquil whale song or a nuclear power plant on the verge of a meltdown, is left for the moment to tell, but one thing is sure; People have both stopped and started playing the bass after hearing him on stage.

"Chrille" Christian "Kom-bat" Rubell:
Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, the only band member without a beard has to compensate for his lack of manhood by playing the drums and various electronic devices like a child with a rising adrenaline addiction. Born to revolutionize everything culturally challenged, he has been a member of many different constellations, both in music and theater, and brings to the group the equalizer needed for otherwise new age tendencies. Christian has been an inhabitant of Oslo for the last 4 years.
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